N Films


In development
(2025 USA)
Contemporary Romance/Drama, Metagenre

Classical ballerina Romea from Billionaires' Row meets rapper Juliet from the streets of Harlem.
In development
(2025 USA, France)
drama, adventure

Fеifei, a promising young Chinese fashion student, struggles to survive her internship with tyrannical genius Jеan-Pierre Drevоn, the top designer in all of Paris.
On hold
(2026, USA, Germany)
drama, history, thriller, romance

Based on real events, on real people. A Soviet spy with an ingenious mind falls in love with a German girl, but in order to marry her, he will have to go to war against everyone: the USSR, the USA, West and East Germany.
In development
(2027, England, Switzerland, France, USA)
historical, thriller, detective

Discover the history of creation of the Internet that has been hidden from its users for 25 years.

Based on real events.
In development
Leonardo and the Love
(2027, Italy)
comedy, romance, romantic

A man, quiet, unassuming and recently heartbroken is leaving his cherished life and love in a charming Italian town, when he discovers a kitten trapped in a drainpipe, tries to rescue the exhausted creature and maybe his relationship.
In development
Together Forever
(2028, USA)
drama, romantic, comedy

Having accidentally met, a guy and a girl take their hands and begin to be together, because SHE is now connected through his palm to HIS heart.
documentary, comedy

Documentary dedicated to 15 years anniversary of one of the biggest Russian chemical corporation.
(2013, USA)

Oleg Taktarov, Carey Fox, Mario Roca, Karl Van Meter, Anthony Alabi, Rose Luini, Jesse Bernel, Michael Sandy.
International Film Festival of India
(2011, USA)
comedy, romantic, short

Finding a friend was never an easy task for Keith, not until something swirled on his steps.
Cannes Film Festival
(2011, USA)
drama, tradegy

An actor who is having problems with everybody he knows, meets a prostitute and discovers similarities in their hearts. Once the woman disappears, he loses his last hope and decides to quit acting.
(2010, USA)
drama, short

Anna Ivanova (popular Russian singer Khanna), Alexander N.
horror, thriller, mystic

Boris Dragilev, Artyom Alekseev, Maxim Vladimirov.
drama, art house

A lonely dancer can't distinguish whether she's dreaming or alive, whether she's on her way to Paris or reverse.