N Films

Funding and Investing

Making your film

We finance fresh ideas and inspiring stories. Writers-directors with a proof-of-concept short film and a feature-length script are welcome to turn in their projects for consideration. Send us your logline and a link to your short via the CONTACTS section and we will get back to you if we find interest.

N Films focuses on mid-budget commercial yet original projects, preferably for worldwide distribution.

Thomas Jahn and Alexander N
Writer-director of the "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and producer for the "Bright Dark Black"

Interested in investing in Hollywood movies?

15% guaranteed in 4 months, zero investment risk, "Producer" status next to your name on screens all over the world, premieres, and private Hollywood parties.

From $1M

Email us via the CONTACTS section about your interest in investing in a film, and we will contact you with a complete set of documents and international guarantees.