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Feature film (2025)

N Films

The first feature film of the "N Films" film company was released in 2005
The American Theater in Moscow, an N Films company, is a proud sponsor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia Business Awards Ceremony. Mastercard, Cadillac, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and other companies sponsored the Chamber. The Ceremony took place at The Carlton, Moscow.
Projects in work
  • 2025 Russia, Germany
    The Spy
    drama, history, thriller, romance

    Based on real events, on real people. A Soviet spy with an ingenious mind falls in love with a German girl, but in order to marry her, he will have to go to war against everyone: the USSR, the USA, West and East Germany.
  • [Postponed]
    biopic, musical, drama

    Story of Viktor Tsoi — a modest silent guy who made the most massive people's revolution in world history with a guitar in his hands, and taught people not to be silent.
  • 2026 England, France, USA
    The World Wide Web
    historical, thriller, detective

    Discover the history of creation of the Internet that has been hidden from its users for 25 years.

    Based on real events.
  • 2026 Italy
    Leonardo and the Love
    comedy, romance, romantic

    A man, quiet, unassuming and recently heartbroken is leaving his cherished life and love in a charming Italian town, when he discovers a kitten trapped in a drainpipe, tries to rescue the exhausted creature and maybe his relationship.
The Moscow-City, Imperia Tower, 43 floor
Presnenskaya embankment 6с2
Moscow, Russia, 123317
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