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Contemporary Romance/Drama (2025)
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2025 USA
Contemporary Romance/Drama, Metagenre

Classical ballerina Romea from Billionaires' Row meets rapper Juliet from the streets of Harlem.
2025 USA, France
Drama, Adventure

Fеifei, a promising young Chinese fashion student, struggles to survive her internship with tyrannical genius Jеan-Pierre Drevоn, the top designer in all of Paris.
2026 Germany, USA
Drama, Historical, Thriller, Romance

Based on real events, on real people. A Soviet spy with an ingenious mind falls in love with a German girl, but in order to marry her, he will have to go to war against everyone: the USSR, the USA, West and East Germany.
2027 Italy
Leonardo and the Love
Comedy, Romance

A man, quiet, unassuming and recently heartbroken is leaving his cherished life and love in a charming Italian town, when he discovers a kitten trapped in a drainpipe, tries to rescue the exhausted creature and maybe his relationship.
Rolls-Royce: Younger
  • Alexander N
    Founder, CEO, Producer
    'Rolls-Royce: Young'
    'The Memory Remains'

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  • Naeem Seirafi
    Producer, Cinematographer
    '1st Born'
    'In This Gray Place'

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  • Ashley Winners
    Press office
  • Simran Arora
    Indian cooperation
  • Xavier Roy
    French cooperation, Paris
    'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'
    'Modern Family'

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  • Olga Subota
    Lead lawyer
    Lawyer of the City Bar Association
  • Irana Bеkkеneеvа
    Lead Sponsor Relations Manager
  • Svеtlаnа Vеrzilinа
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