Film producing

Our company is ready to take responsibility of full cycle producing of your movie or a TV show. Do you have an idea? Describe it in CONTACTS and we will get back to you discussing options for cooperation.

We work with big film distributors in Russia, Europe and world.

Complete list of experienced film/video producers are at your inquiry. As well as any other types of industry experts.

Thomas Jahn and Alexander N
Writer-director of the "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and producer for the "Bright Dark Black"

Film financing

We help finding and attracting funds for movies or TV shows by:
  1. Attracting private investors,
  2. Work with the international film foundations,
  3. Work with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,
  4. Search for sponsors,
  5. Product placement contracts,
  6. Other forms of visual product financing.

Write to us about your project in the CONTACTS section and we will discuss with you options for financial support of your film.